In-Sight by Gerard D. Webster

In-Sight is the award-winning debut novel by Catholic Author, Gerard Webster.

Ward McNulty was a successful columnist, lived with the beautiful co-anchor of Channel Five News, and had powerful friends — including State Senator Chet Garner. But when Garner convinces Ward to support the conversion of a sleepy beach town into an exclusive resort, it pits Ward against his father in a bitter legal battle.

Too late Ward learns that the resort’s financial backers consist of a drug lord, a porn mogul, and assorted money launderers. And they’ll stop at nothing — including murder — to get what they want.

In-Sight is the story of fall, forgiveness, and redemption. Most of all, it’s the story of a lost son coming home.

Although realistic in its’ portrayal of evil, it relates the victory of deeply instilled family values over seemingly impossible odds.

If you champion those same values, cheer for the underdog, and believe that a Power Greater than ourselves has a hand in destiny, IN-SIGHT is for you!

  • Gripping, persuasive, and unexpected

    - Sarah Reinhard | Catholic wife, mother, writer

  • The word of Jesus: "Let your eyes be opened", will take a whole new meaning after the reader finishes reading this book.

    - Tannia E. Ortiz-Lopes

  • not only a thoroughly enjoyable read, it is a page-turner with a purpose!

    - Therese Heckenkamp | Author of Past Suspicion


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